About Us

【Synchronize = 同期】をコンセプトに、ひとつのジャンルにとらわれることなく

Sync. is a brand which MEDICOM TOY works together with various worldwide artists
and provides MEDICOM TOY-like items through their artworks and designs.
With the concept of [Synchonize], Sync. will deliver items full of playfull mind through ideas and products,
taking good care of the relationship between 'artists' and 'products' without being swayed in one genre.

Creative Director

クリエイティブディレクターにファッションブランド「NEXUS VII」のデザイナー今野氏を起用。

Tomohiro Konno takes post as the creative director for Sync.
Signs with Mr. Konno who is the designer of NEXUS VII as creative director.
Highly sensitive items will be released with the fused creativity of Mr. Konno and MEDICOM TOY.


今野 智弘 / Tomohiro Konno

1977年3月 千葉県出身
2001年のブランド"NEXUSVII"創立以来、ミリタリーやアメリカン・ヴィンテージを基調にし、GORE-TEX®等の機能的な素材や製法、デザイン等、細部にまでこだわった製品を展開。Adidas・Corgi・Disney・GEORGE COX・John Smedley・Levi's・LOOPWHEELER・MEDICOM TOY・NEW BALANCE・STUSSY・PORTER・Timberlandなどから KAWS、NAS、DAFT PUNK、CHAZらアーティストまで同異業種を問わないコラボレーションも展開。2010年 STUSSY 30周年の記念プロジェクト『RETROSPECTIVE』のディレクターを兼任。2007〜2013年までMEDICOM TOY x KAWSのプロデュースによるアパレルブランド「OriginalFake®」アパレルディレクターを務める。

Born March 1977 in Chiba prefecture.
Starts NEXUSVII in 2001. The brand's keynote is military and American vintage wear, using functional fabrick such as GORE-TEX® and also precisely selecting the right material, manufacturing method, design and details for each product. Collaborated with brands such as Adidas, Corgi, Disney, GEORGE COX, John Smedley, Levi's, LOOPWHEELER, MEDICOM TOY, NEW BALANCE, STUSSY, PORTER, TIMBERLAND and also collaborated with artists from different fields such as KAWS, NAS, DAFT PUNK and CHAZ. Also held the post of director for the 30th anniversary memorial project for STUSSY "RETROSPECTIVE" in 2010. Served as apparel director for OriginalFake® from 2007 to 2013 which was an apparel brand produced by MEDICOM TOY x KAWS.