1949年18歳のとき、ゴデンバーグ陶芸学校入学。 陶芸を学ぶ。
スティグ・ リンドベリに見出され、彼がアートディレクターを務めていた
グスタフベリ社に入社。 スウェーデン陶器の黄金時代を築く。
グスタフスベリ社を退社。 その間、300をも超える作品を手掛けた。
1980年に同社を退社し、ホガネス、デユーカ、ジェイセラミック などで
フリーランスとして活躍。 1992年にグスタフベリに戻り、
自身のセラミックスタジオをオープン。 スウェーデンだけでなく世界中で
コレクターが急増している。 世界各地で展覧会を開催し、 現在も
制作活動を続けている。 リサ・ラーソンは世界一「かわいい」ことを

Lisa Larson was born in 1931 in Smaland, Sweden. At the age of 18 she began her studies at the Gustavsberg School of ceramics. The artist Stig Lindberg discovered her work on the occasion of the graduation exhibition at the HDK school of Design. Stig was at that time the art director of Gustavsberg, where Lisa would begin her career working alongside with Karin Bjorquist. The three of them started what would become the golden age of Swedish ceramics. In 1979, after 25 years of successful work as designer and having completed over 300 pieses,Lisa took a new path. In 1980 she began her career as a freelance designer and continued her ceramic work at Hoganas, DUKA and JCeramic. In 1992, she opened her own studio in Gustavsberg. Her artworks has incessantly been wining hearts and minds of fans from all over the world. Numerous exhibitions have been held in many countries. To us, Lisa is the artist that has devoted more thought to the notion of cuteness. Lisa works and lives in a house in the forest, together with her husband, Gunnar, a painter.